Follow the money


‘Follow the Money’ (aka Money Tour) is an audio tour that guides you through the financial history of Amsterdam. The tour bridges a period of 400 years, from the Golden Age up until today. Mercurius, the Roman God of commerce, guides you to spots in Amsterdam that played a crucial role in history. The audio tour provides background information of historical buildings and spots that are inextricably linked with the financial history of the city. Platforms: iOS and Android phones.


This project took place between September and October 2013.

My role

I was responsible for the visual design, applying the Amsterdam Museum visual identity to create the main visual elements, such as color palette and background texture. Creating specifications for image sizes and croppable areas to make them fit screens with audio control- lers and navigation buttons, as well as different screen sizes. Designing the route and POI’s on map view. Worked together with Bea Arias, who designed the interaction and experience.

Money Tour Amsterdam Museum

Money Tour Amsterdam Museum