Victron Energy redesign

Victron Energy has a strong reputation in inverters, battery chargers and solar products for home, boat and beach/garden – houses. This is my story of how I helped Victron Energy costumers managing a Victron Energy system and being able to see all their sites’ status through the redesign of the Victron Energy app.


The application helps monitoring and managing a Victron Energy system, allowing the user to see all his sites in a list. Platforms: iOS and Android phones and tablets.


This project took place between Februari and March 2014.

My role

I was responsible for the interaction and visual design, applying new brand identity to existing phone app and translating the interaction and visual design for tablets.


In November 2013, the Victron brand department created a new visual identity for their digital platforms. I was responsible for redesigning the app interface and applying these new visual guidelines to the release 2.0 of the app for iOS and Android, and taking the use of typography into account in order to create an information hierarchy. I also used icons to illustrate secondary information in rows and create visual balance, created diagrams to visualize battery sites.

I visualized many possibilities of applying the Victron brand and visual identity on the new interfaces. These designs were sent to the Victron brand department for approval and feedback.

First design phase
VRM designs phase 1

Second design phase
VRM designs phase 2

Tapping a site shows its system diagram, current system status and energy flow. Swiping left and right will navigate between sites.



This second release was also set to support tablets. I designed the interaction to create the best tablet experience, making sure that all the content remained as accessible as possible when viewed on smaller and larger devices and combining for example site list and detail screen in a split view layout.

Victron Energy Redesign - tablet